Always Remember To Love Yourself First ❤️



What does it mean to love yourself? Loving yourself is giving yourself the same love you want others to give you. You have to love yourself first in order for others to love you.

Loving yourself is knowing you are worthy. Loving yourself is having a good heart. Loving yourself means you have the courage to find your own sense of self & well being.

Ways you can start loving yourself!

  1. Never stop dreaming.
  2. Don’t be ashamed to stand up for what you believe in.
  3. Allow yourself “ME TIME”
  4. Pursue a hobby
  5. Surround yourself with love & caring people.
  6. Engage in Postive self talk.
  7. Try new things.
  8. Be true to yourself
  9. Take some time to look up at the stars at night.
  10. Believe in yourself!


  1. I like the points of loving yourself. I just don’t seem able to see the link between each point and self-love.
    I am also asking myself, why people should love you, just because you love yourself. I mean, it does seem that like confident people more, but do you really think that 100% self-love makes you more desirable?


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