Personal Pep Talk | Be kind To Yourself



I know sometimes I tell myself I’m not good enough. Sometimes I skip a good opportunity because I’m afraid of failure. I tell myself I will never be as good as the next. Sometimes I think I’m not pretty enough & I will never be as pretty as the next. No matter how hard I try I just feel that I not good enough.

I want everyone who feels this way to practice Postive self talk. Do not pay attention to what negative people have to say about you. Because odds are, they are unhappy with themselves. Let go & be happy.

Those negative self talks are going to stop. Starting today, I’m going to start making myself feel worthy, with Positive self talk

Dear self, I will not let any negative thoughts or feeling towards myself drain me of my energy. Instead I’m going to focus on self love & focus on the things that bring me joy & peace of mind. By doing so, I will spread Postive engery to those around me & attract Postive people into my life.

Your Mind will believe anything you tell it. Feed it Positivity. Feed it Love. Feed it Hope.


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