Growth After Abuse

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I have truly been through alot in my life. From being bounced around in foster care to being adopted into a family full of bullies. & Still I am here. I managed to survive. I survived through so much abuse some people couldn’t even imagine. & I am here. I survived & it feels great.

I would sometimes ask myself why me? Why did I have to endure the type of abuse that I did? But I know now that it’s a life lesson I have faith in God & I know that he put me through my difficult situations for a reason. I have truly learned a lesson from everything I been through & for that has made me a better person. I have grown through my experiences.

It has been two years since my dad has died. My dad was the best person in my family & the best person in my life. & Since he has been gone. My life hasn’t been the same. I know that my dad did the best he could to protect me. He always had my best interest at heart. He was always there to talk to & to listen. I knew after he died my life would never be the same. When he died, I felt like I died too. I did die. But I came back & came back better then before.

My life is great now. I moved from being in a toxic & sick. Household full of toxic individuals (that was a big life lesson there). & I never looked back. The feeling is great. My time away from the toxicity in my life, gave me time to self-reflect. Something I have never did before. I have finally given myself a chance. A chance to grow & be the best person I can be. Because I know if I was still living in a house full of toxic people, I wouldn’t have never made it this far. 💜

Survive & Thrive

For anyone that has been through alot in your life, just know, at first it hurts, then it changes you. Stand strong & stand tall. know you are not alone, & there is light at the end of the tunnel – Sincerely Danielle Nicole ❤️


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