Breaking The Cycle

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My life didn’t start off well at all. I was born to drug addict parents. My Biological mother was too poor to take care of me. I was told that a family member called CPS because I was living in a crack house with no heat or food. I was only 9 pounds at the age of one. I was taken & put into foster care. While I was in foster care I was beaten & sexually abused & starved. I was bounced around from foster home to foster home until the age of 5. Right after my 5th birthday I was sent to my now adopted family.

When I first came to my Adopted family it was really nice. There were 3 other girls there at the time & we got along well. I had my first real Christmas & I felt like I was apart of a real family, but that shortly changed. Soon after Christmas, Maybe about a few months. My parents brought in 3 other kids that were all biologically related & the two other girls left. I started to get the short end of the stick. Everyone was treating me like an outcast. It was like a big click & I was left out. To make matters worse I was scapegoated from that point on. I was always blamed for things I didn’t do or wasnt entirely my fault. My mother babied my little brother & he could never do wrong in her eyes. The emotional & physical abuse I thought was long over Was just beginning all over again but not by my parents, but by my foster siblings.

This abused lasted up until the day I left at the age of 23. My brother put me in a chockhold & I called the cops & my mother stood up for my bother when I was being physically harmed. Her reason for doing so was because she didn’t want the Neighbors to know what was going on. She kicked me out & told me to leave & that’s exactly what I did & never looked back. From that day forward I never looked at my mom the same.

I been to therapy & counseling since & come to find out my mom has narcissistic personality disorder. A disorder where someone lacks the ability to have Empathy for others & never takes accountability for their actions. And so much more. They way my morals are set up I have no respect for someone who does not do right by their kids. But I’m here to break the cycle because now I have my own little one on the way, & she will never endure the type of abuse I did.

Things I want to do with my Daughter Harmony.

1. Take swimming lessons together starting when she is 6 months old!

2. Do Mommy & Me Yoga!

3. Take A Family Vacation at least once a year!

4. Take Family Pictures…not just for social media.

5. Do Arts & Craft projects together!

6. Always give her words of encouragement!

7. Tell her how much she is loved 💜

8. Teach her the importance of life!