Your gender of your first child is the gender of the parent you felt less connected with or lost.

This is for anyone who has experienced parental trauma in their life & want to fill that empty void. This opportunity you have here in this moment may be your test of times, and in order for your generational curse to be broken you will have to past this test. This test could be your second chance Through your child or grandchild, being your first chance with your parents as you as the child. Which ever your circumstance is important to heal from within.

Healing from life traumas can be a life changing experience that creates a ripple effect in you family for the rest of eternity. There are so many things a person can deal with and only so much one can take. Many Diseases or diseases the body can have may be caused by imbalanced in the body. Energy blocks are one of the most common underlying issues that can cause enough stress on a person to the point where over time, can cause different diseases and ailments, both physical, mental or emotions.

The first thing a person should do if they are experience suffering from any type of trauma or disease, is by addressing their chakras. Aligning ones chakras can unblock those different energy blocks that could be causing massive amounts of stress and dis-ease. Since difference chakras effect different parts of our bodies energy fields, one of the most effective ways to determine which chakra you should spend time healing; is by cross comparing which physical and emotional dis-functions your experiencing, with which chakra and location of body that its associated with. Another way to determine which chakra you should focus on healing is by testing out different essential oils/fragrances that are associated with each chakra.

Since essential oils and fragrances can be used as a aromatherapy treatment using one of the five senses being smell, aromatherapy can be a great way to let your sense direct you to which chakra to work on by your sense or smell, it can also be used to treat in the healing process. To learn more about essential oils and the benefits of aromatherapy we have a blog dedicated to just it here

Using aromatherapy and Essential Oils, Self Love Mentor has created a 5-Star Self Love Body Care Chakra CBD BATH BOMB that have raving 5 star reviews.


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