The Law of Attraction & Manifestation

What goes around, comes around — or more commonly known as Karma. A word that we use a lot in our daily lives. But do you what it signifies other than the cliche’ we use it for? 

The history of this word and the theory behind it dates back thousands of years ago and its first appearances can be found in the oldest Hindu text Rigveda around 1500 BCE. 

It suggests that humans determine their own destinies through their own thoughts, actions, and beliefs. That the man is the master of his own fate and whatever you give out, you receive it in return. In short, like attracts like, and the energy you feed eventually returns back to you in life. 

This ancient belief has resurfaced in recent times in the form of the law of attraction. 

Karma was never about the bad attracting the bad only. It is the fact that whatever you put out in the world; kindness, hope, generosity, positive thinking, is what you will attract in return into your life.

Law of Attraction/Manifestation 


First, let’s clarify what a Law is. Law is a force of nature that works all the time. Regardless of whether we believe in it or not, it will execute 100%. One common example is the law of gravity, it has been in action ever since the creation of the universe and it will stay the same. Whether you believe in it or not, whether you can find an explanation for it or not, it will work. 

According to the law of attraction, there are certain forces of nature that are always shaping our lives. The way we communicate with these forces is not like we communicate with each other. 

For communication with each other, we use languages where we express ourselves with words. In the case of the law of attraction, the language isn’t the words but the feelings you feel, the thoughts you think, and the beliefs that you believe in.

It suggests that if you focus your thinking on something positive, that thing will eventually become a part of your life. 

Whatever you firmly believe in and keep telling yourself, whether it’s a part of reality or not, will eventually turn up in your life. 

How to use the law of attraction to reach your goals in life?

In order to use this law to our advantage, we have to communicate with it in terms of emotions, energies, thoughts, beliefs, or simply put, our vibes. The more we believe that something will happen, the more its chances of actually happening increase. 

A firm belief means that you do not doubt something. You do not worry about how it will happen, you do not second guess the ways in which the universe works. It means that you put in your best and completely believe that what you want is going to appear in your life whether it seems possible or not. Even if there seem no chances, your thinking, the solidity of your beliefs, and the will behind your positive actions will bring it into your life. 

Below are a few ways that can help you use the law of attraction to your advantage and manifest what you desire into your life. 

Imagine Yourself Being the Victor 


Primarily, with any dream or desire, you need to imagine yourself achieving that goal. With the law of manifestation, it can be hard to just fixate on one goal or dream. It is too easy to be distracted. 

But when you visualize your goal, you can almost grasp it with your own hands. Close your eyes and imagine how it would feel when you have finally made it. How it would feel to have that dream job you always wanted, how it would feel to achieve that ideal body etc. When you visualize the results, you experience greater emotions, your beliefs get stronger, and the chances of your dreams manifesting into reality increase tenfold. 


One easy way to reach that goal of yours is to keep a journal. We know how it sounds, tiring and boring. But this is not about writing down your daily routine.

You can simply write down the goal every night to remind yourself of why you’re doing this. It can train your mind into developing a habit that can welcome success. It can help you visualize the goal properly so that your thought process can be motivating for you. It’s like a constant reminder that is helping you crystallize the future you want into reality.  

Remove Unnecessary Thought Barriers

As mentioned before, your mind can trick you into believing something that is not true. It can be evil if we wish for it to be evil. Not just to others. But to yourself.

That is why when you are pursuing a dream, you need to eliminate all the thoughts that are stopping you from achieving that goal. Take the same example as above. You will think that you are depressed, and you need this habit to give yourself an easy distraction. Or that you are a bad person with anxiety issues and with anger issues. But those are lies that you keep telling yourself. Eliminate them gradually. Get rid of the self-imposed limitations you think you have. 

Whenever you have such thoughts, think about whether if they are going to help you reach your goal or take you away from it. The more clarity you have, the more positive you are, the better your manifestations will be. 



This is the simplest and easiest way to live and love life. If you want to pursue and achieve your dream through the law of manifestation, count your blessings. Every day. 

It is believed to be true that when you count down your blessings at the end of the day, it helps you generate a positive attitude. And a positive attitude is just a step away from change. If you want to bring more positivity into your life, consider all the blessings that you currently have, your friends, your family, your house, your job, your health, your car, etc. Gratitude is a surefire way to remain happy and positive. 

The takeaway


In the end, a lot of how our life turns out is in our hands. Our thinking is the most important tool that we can use to get closer to our dreams. Keeping our beliefs, actions, thoughts, and behaviors positive and aiming higher will help you in ways you cannot explain. The laws are always in action. Understanding the law of attraction and using it to your advantage can turn out to be the one big step you take towards changing the course of your life for the better.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”  Wayne Dyer.

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