Reactive Abuse

Reactive abuse is a strategy that toxic individuals use to shift blame for their abusive behavior onto their victim. They do this by using your reaction to their abuse against you, then plays the victim. This is one of the most common manipulation tactics a narcissist uses to accuse you of being the abuser. This … Continue reading Reactive Abuse

10 Signs You Are A Victim Of Gaslighting

What is gaslighting? Gaslighting is when an toxic individual tries to manipulate their victim to make them question their own memory & doubt the events that occurred. The abuser may use contradictions, misdirection & lying to try to change the way a person remembers an event or incident. They do this to avoid taking responsibility … Continue reading 10 Signs You Are A Victim Of Gaslighting

Why Is Self-Love So Important?

What Is Self-Love? The true definition straight from the dictionary states that self-love is a regard for one's own well-being & happiness (considered as a desire rather then narcissistic characteristics). But in simpler terms self-love is giving yourself the love & attention you deserve rather then give it all to someone else. It is healthier … Continue reading Why Is Self-Love So Important?