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Lasting Effects Of The Scapegoat In A Narcissistic Family

Being the Scapegoat in a Narcissistic family is a brutal way to grow up. You are always blamed for everything that goes wrong in the house. You will always be the fall guy. What makes it worse, is that you will more then likely have no one in your corner. If you are dealing with… Continue reading Lasting Effects Of The Scapegoat In A Narcissistic Family

Self Care


Sometimes in order to move on,  you might have to remove certain people from your life. If they are your main source of pain it might be helpful to remove them. This can be temporary or for good. But we can't live a healthy life being surrounded by unhealthy people! It doesn't matter if the… Continue reading Boundaries 

Self Care

Becoming A Better You 😊

Moving forward can be a challenge when you have been through so much trauma. But we can not hold on to our past, we have to learn to let go. Holding on to our past will just hold us back! We can practice self love & self care by educating others about our experiences. Our… Continue reading Becoming A Better You 😊