The Benefits of Chakra Healing Using Aromatherapy


Chakras are energy centers located along the length of your spine. There are several ways to stimulate and heal your chakras & regain focus and overall balance in your life. You can use your breath, deep meditation, yoga, mantras, special movements, or aromatherapy. In the world of aromatherapy certain essential oils are associated with certain … Continue reading The Benefits of Chakra Healing Using Aromatherapy

Why Is Self-Love So Important?

What Is Self-Love? The true definition straight from the dictionary states that self-love is a regard for one's own well-being & happiness (considered as a desire rather then narcissistic characteristics). But in simpler terms self-love is giving yourself the love & attention you deserve rather then give it all to someone else. It is healthier … Continue reading Why Is Self-Love So Important?