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Breaking The Cycle

My life didn’t start off well at all. I was born to drug addict parents. My Biological mother was too poor to take care of me. I was told that a family member called CPS because I was living in a crack house with no heat or food. I was only 9 pounds at the

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Signs of a Toxic Parent

Having a toxic parent/s can really confuse you as a child or as an adult. You look to your parents for Guidance & love. When you do not receive what you are looking for, it can leave you hurt & damage inside. This can cause a lot of mental & emotional issues later in life.

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Why Is Self-Love So Important?

What Is Self-Love? The true definition straight from the dictionary states that self-love is a regard for one’s own well-being & happiness (considered as a desire rather then narcissistic characteristics). But in simpler terms self-love is giving yourself the love & attention you deserve rather then give it all to someone else. It is healthier

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