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10 Affirmations| Self-Love, Self talk

These are my personal 10 Affirmations, that are helping me grow into a better person, I will speak my affirmations into existence & become the best version of me possible! I Am Powerful. I Will be Successful. I Will be come a better version on myself every day. I will speak only with love &… Continue reading 10 Affirmations| Self-Love, Self talk

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Growth After Abuse

I have truly been through alot in my life. From being bounced around in foster care to being adopted into a family full of bullies. & Still I am here. I managed to survive. I survived through so much abuse some people couldn't even imagine. & I am here. I survived & it feels great.… Continue reading Growth After Abuse

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10 Signs Of a Covert Narcissistic Parent

Spotting a covert narcissistic parent is a lot harder then a blunt overt narcissist. Everything a covert narcissist does is hidden. This can make you feel confused. These types of parents make themselves look like a saint to the outside world. They want outsiders to believe that they are the perfect parent, with the perfect… Continue reading 10 Signs Of a Covert Narcissistic Parent

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Lasting Effects Of The Scapegoat In A Narcissistic Family

Being the Scapegoat in a Narcissistic family is a brutal way to grow up. You are always blamed for everything that goes wrong in the house. You will always be the fall guy. What makes it worse, is that you will more then likely have no one in your corner. If you are dealing with… Continue reading Lasting Effects Of The Scapegoat In A Narcissistic Family

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Over Coming Anxiety | 30 Day Anti-Anxiety Challenge

Having Anxiety sucks! Trust me, it's something that I live with daily. I'm constantly over thinking about things that are out of my control & I worry way too much about things I can't change. I been diagnosed with PTSD, depression & anxiety & I constantly feel on edge. I told my self enough is… Continue reading Over Coming Anxiety | 30 Day Anti-Anxiety Challenge

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30 Day Self-Care Challenge

Dear reader, You deserve the love & care you try to give everyone else. This is the time you put yourself first! By putting yourself first & part taking in a self-care routine, you are telling yourself, I love me. When you take better care of yourself, you can take better care of others. Your… Continue reading 30 Day Self-Care Challenge