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Narcissistic Mothers (Emotional Abuse) What You Can Do To Heal

  If you have a Mother with Narcissistic personality disorder, then you have likely suffered from Emotional Abuse. Mothers with this personality see their children as their life line & narcissistic supply. These mothers are likely covert narcissist. Covert Narcissists are hard to spot because they are sneaky. To the outside world including neighbors &

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  Sometimes in order to move on,  you might have to remove certain people from your life. If they are your main source of pain it might be helpful to remove them. This can be temporary or for good. But we can’t live a healthy life being surrounded by unhealthy people! It doesn’t matter if

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Always Remember To Love Yourself First ❤️

    What does it mean to love yourself? Loving yourself is giving yourself the same love you want others to give you. You have to love yourself first in order for others to love you. Loving yourself is knowing you are worthy. Loving yourself is having a good heart. Loving yourself means you have

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