My name is Danielle Nicole. I started this blog to help those feeling unlovable to love theirself first. This blog is intended to help anyone with past traumas heal & build self confidence.“Grow through what you’ve been through”

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  1. Yes, readers, our low self esteem is due to not having resolved issues we had growing up. If you grew up in a narcissistic AND critical family like I did, you have to become aware of your thoughts and correct yourself when the worthless, loveless, thoughts arise. Try this: each time you have the negative thoughts, say or write 7 reasons why that’s not true. Also just gratefulness helps. If you journal, write what your grateful for, ask for what you need and then go out and put a smile on your face whether you feel like it or not. MOST IMPORTANTLY., get treatment You cannot modify your thinking if you’re severely depressed or anxious without professional help.

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