A Letter To My Unborn Child

Dear Harmony, Your still in my tummy & I feel you move every day now. I'm 22 weeks/ 5 months pregnant with you. My pregnancy is going well & your healthy & growing at the rate you should be. ☺️ I was so excited when I felt your first kick on June 8th, 2019. I... Continue Reading →

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CBD Infused Bathbombs 50Mg Strength

  With the right atmosphere, a CBD bath bomb can make a bathtub indifferent from a spa. Get the lighting right, play some calming music, and set the water to just the right temperature, and the experience provides an all natural, low cost, and at home spa experience. Once the CBD begins to enter the... Continue Reading →


Signs of a Toxic Parent

Having a toxic parent/s can really confuse you as a child or as an adult. You look to your parents for Guidance & love. When you do not receive what you are looking for, it can leave you hurt & damage inside. This can cause a lot of mental & emotional issues later in life.... Continue Reading →

Why Is Self-Love So Important?

    What Is Self-Love? The true definition straight from the dictionary states that self-love is a regard for one's own well-being & happiness (considered as a desire rather then narcissistic characteristics). But in simpler terms self-love is giving yourself the love & attention you deserve rather then give it all to someone else. It... Continue Reading →

May Is Mental Health Awareness Month!

  For those who are stuffing in silence you are not alone. There is currently 1 in 5 people in the United States alone that suffers from a mental illness. The stigma on mental illness has giving it a bad name. Those that do not understand mental illness, claim that those who suffer are weak... Continue Reading →

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