10 Affirmations| Self-Love, Self talk

            These are my personal 10 Affirmations, that are helping me grow into a better person, I will speak my affirmations into existence & become the best version of me possible! I Am Powerful. I Will be Successful. I Will be come a better version on myself every day. I... Continue Reading →


Growth After Abuse

  I have truly been through alot in my life. From being bounced around in foster care to being adopted into a family full of bullies. & Still I am here. I managed to survive. I survived through so much abuse some people couldn't even imagine. & I am here. I survived & it feels... Continue Reading →

10 Signs Of a Covert Narcissistic Parent

    Spotting a covert narcissistic parent is a lot harder then a blunt overt narcissist. Everything a covert narcissist does is hidden. This can make you feel confused. These types of parents make themselves look like a saint to the outside world. They want outsiders to believe that they are the perfect parent, with... Continue Reading →

30 Day Self-Care Challenge

  Dear reader, You deserve the love & care you try to give everyone else. This is the time you put yourself first! By putting yourself first & part taking in a self-care routine, you are telling yourself, I love me. When you take better care of yourself, you can take better care of others.... Continue Reading →

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