Self Reflection & Personal Growth

  Without self-reflection & growth you will always be stuck in your old ways. When you self-reflect, you take time to look at yourself & figure out why you do the things that you do & in a humbling way, you change it for the better. When you self-reflect, you become more emotionally intelligent &... Continue Reading →


Toxic People VS. Healthy People

  I've had my share of toxic individuals in my life, to the point that I didn't even know that these people were toxic. I was so used to being around toxic people, that when I finally surrounded myself with healthy people I didn't know how to respond. But I'm here to share the difference... Continue Reading →


  Sometimes in order to move on,  you might have to remove certain people from your life. If they are your main source of pain it might be helpful to remove them. This can be temporary or for good. But we can't live a healthy life being surrounded by unhealthy people! It doesn't matter if... Continue Reading →

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