Self-Care During Covid-19/Coronavirus Quarantine

The world is currently at a standstill, governments at different levels in the United States instituted the stay at home and shelter in place orders to control the spread of Coronavirus. Self-isolation and social distancing is being observed by millions globally. Due to the uncertain nature of the situation, many are living in fear, panic, and anxiety. Of course, you are currently physically healthy and without symptoms of the disease, with the hope that it stays that way. What you should be concerned about is your mental health, which is why we’ll be recommending self-care routines to keep you in top shape until this is all over.

1. Pick Up a New Skill

It’s the best time to learn a new language, how to write codes or even a new cooking skill. Try D.I.Y crafts for the upcoming holiday.

There’s a lot of unused time on your hands currently and putting it to use could help you a great deal. There are numerous online resources at your disposal right now to achieve this goal. The good news is that most of these resources are currently FREE! 

2. Do Some Spring Cleaning

This the perfect time to clean & organize your home. With all the time indoors, try to take time out of your day to declutter & reorganize. This is the perfect time to do home projects you didn’t have time for before.

3. Don’t Fail to Pamper Yourself

When next are you going to be as free as a bird as you are right now? A bit of pampering is ideal for coping through this trying time. Yes, spas, salons, or barber’s shops are closed but you can still give yourself some pampering at home. 

Let’s give you a clue as to how many people are currently pampering themselves. Try out CBD Oil infused bath bombs, there’s no better way to take care of yourself during this quarantine. 

4. Plan Your Next Vacation

While you are indulging yourself using the CBD Oil infused bath bombs, you can also use the moment to think of how your next vacation should look like. Yes, all of the top destinations in the world are currently closed but planning ahead will put you at an advantage. 

This will definitely help you to combat stress while in quarantine. A recent study established that people planning and looking forward to a vacation are usually happier. You need all the happiness you can get right now. 

Extra Tip: Include CBD Oil Infused Bath Bomb as part of your vacation itinerary. 

 5. Invest in a Faster Internet

Remember you are stuck at home, having an internet that keeps you waiting can be stressful. During this time, having reliable and super-fast internet is a necessity and not a luxury. It’s only through the internet that you can stay in touch with your work, family, and friends. 

You need to determine if the speed of your internet is good enough. If it’s not, ask for an upgrade from your ISP. Settling for a slow crappy internet speed will increase your worry. 

Final Thoughts

Don’t beat up yourself too hard during this time. Everyone is as stressed as you are, only you have the ability to care for yourself. 

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