Your gender of your first child is the gender of the parent you felt less connected with or lost.

Have you ever wondered whether your adult problems have their roots in your childhood, or more precisely, a generational curse that is passed down in your family?

Sometimes, our mental health challenges, behavior issues, or relationship problems in adulthood stem from our childhood trauma. This can either involve an isolated, terrifying event or how we were brought up. 

The inability to let go of your parents’ spiritual company as you grow means living your life through your parents’ lenses. 

The generational curse can cause an unconscious tendency to accept your parents’ reality as your own, living your life their way, even if you disapproved of how they lived.

What is a Generational Curse and How It Affects a Person’s Life?

A generational curse involves patterns that persist in one family through generations until the entire family line disappears or some family member breaks the curse. In other words, a generational curse involves behavior patterns and beliefs that are passed from parents to children and repeated throughout life. 

An inherited curse may also involve consequences of your ancestors’ actions, beliefs, traumas, and sins passed down on you and the future generations. 

How is Your Firstborn Child’s Gender Connected to Your Generational Curse?

Learning about the generational curse is very important for anyone who has experienced parental trauma and wants to fill that empty void. It is believed that your firstborn child’s gender is the gender of the parent you lost or felt less connected to due to the generational curse in your family.

So, it may be possible to get in touch with your inner child and heal a traumatic relationship with your parent through a relationship with your child or grandchild.

Healing from trauma can be a life-changing experience that creates a ripple effect in your family for the rest of eternity. But unfortunately, there are so many things a person can deal with and only so much one can take. 

Energy blocks are one of the most common underlying issues that can cause stress on a person. They can cause stress to accumulate to the point where it impacts your health and everyday functioning. 

That is, accumulated stress and unresolved trauma create imbalances in the body that may cause various physical and psychological illnesses.

How to Break a Generational Curse?

While your family history can profoundly affect your life, you are not compelled by the generational family curse. Instead, you can choose to develop and maintain healthy patterns that will help break a generational curse and create a more beneficial relationship with yourself and the people you love. 

Here are a few things you can do to break a generational curse. 

Identify a Generational Curse in Your Family

Every family has its specific beliefs, traumas, and experiences. You can identify specific patterns in your family by making your family genogram. A genogram can help you understand the family history and patterns of generational curses, recognize how behaviors in your family impact your relationships and begin the healing process. 

Seek Psychotherapy

Individual, marriage, or family psychotherapy can be a safe place to:

  • reconnect with your inner child
  • debunk your family curses
  • process your emotions
  • evaluate how the generational curse impacted your life directly or indirectly
  • start breaking unhealthy patterns and curses in your life

Unblock Your Chakras

One of the first things you can do if you are experiencing suffering from a generational curse and trauma is to address your chakras. 

According to Reiki’s holistic approach, universal life force energy flows through Seven Chakras (or seven key energy centers) in our bodies, determining our well-being.

When our force energy flow is low, we are vulnerable to stress and illnesses. 

Chakras affect one another and other parts of our bodies energy fields. Aligning your chakras can help unblock different energy blocks causing massive amounts of stress and disease. This way, freeing energy flow in your chakras can help release negative energy that causes poor mental health.

The most effective way to determine which chakra you should focus on healing is by:

  • Cross-comparing which physical and emotional dysfunction you are experiencing 


  • Determining which chakra and body location are associated with your physical and emotional dysfunction. 

 Another way to determine which chakra you should spend time healing is by testing out different essential oils/fragrances related to each chakra.

Essential oils and fragrances can be an excellent part of aromatherapy treatment. So, aromatherapy can be a perfect way to let your sense direct you to the chakra you should focus on.

To learn more about essential oils and the benefits of aromatherapy, read here .

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