First 6 Weeks Being A New Mom

My first few days being a new mom was pretty Exhausting. I was recovering from giving birth & at the same time taking care of my daughter. No one informed me how painful the postpartum period after giving birth would be. I was in shock! Weeks leading up to my delivery date I was preparing the nursery and forgot to prepare my postpartum basket and research what to do after giving birth. Thankfully I had my boyfriend there he was a big help. I wouldn’t have been able to manage the first two weeks without him. It was hard for me to get up & walk around & feed my daughter because I was in so much pain. But after the 10th day everything was so much better. I was feeling a lot more like myself!

Harmony First Picture! 💖

By the end of the second week I was getting to know my daughter better & starting a day & night Routine. I found that it was easier to keep her awake longer during the day & lay her down by midnight, she slept longer at night that way. Swaddling is a life saver, especially the Velcro ones. It keeps her snug & makes her feel like she is still in the womb. She loves music. When she gets a little fussy or tired I play some music for her. It really helps her a lot. I love seeing her Dance & react to the music. That melts my heart!

Harmony At 1 Month Old 💖

By six weeks I was getting to know my daughter more and more each day. I felt Pretty confident in my mommy skills. We have a set day and night routine and harmony is sleeping more throughout the night, waking up every four hours for feedings. which is great for me because I wake up well rested and ready to go in the morning. My boyfriend is also a big help. when I started going back to work we would take turns in watching her. we are a team and we work well together! I’m so grateful to have him & he is a great father to harmony. I love being a mommy it is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Harmony came into my life at the perfect time and I’m so grateful to be her mom. All I want to do is be the best mom I can be & protect her heart💜

I love you!💜