21 Days Of Self Healing

Remember that all situations are temporary. They do not last forever. The healing process does not happen overnight. It can take months even years to heal from past trauma. There is nothing wrong with the decision you choose to make. Never let someone make you feel bad for your healing process. Everyone heals at their own pace. Also, take a moment to reflect on your past & know that you Survived. Always remember that you are a Survivor & you are enough. Below are some ways to help you heal. These do not have to be done in a particular order. Do whatever makes you happy!

Day 1. Take a selfie to keep, not to share.

Day 2. Learn something new.

Day 3. Write down the things that make you happy.

Day 4. List 5 things you appreciate about yourself.

Day 6. Go for a walk

Day 7. Meditate for 10 minutes.

Day 8. Put the phone on do not disturb for a few hrs.

Day 9. Remind yourself that you are enough.

Day 10. Do something you love to do.

Day 11. Watch a funny movie or video

Day 12. Spend quality time with family

Day 13. Create a list of goals

Day 14. Play with a dog or cat or any playful animal.

Day 15. Go for a hike or a walking trail

Day 16. Say positive things to yourself.

Day 17. Go to a charity event or Volunteer

Day 19. Listen to your favorite song or dance & sing.

Day 20. Schedule a Massage.

Day 21. Treat yourself to dinner at your favorite restaurant!

Here are some ways you can heal by reducing self-criticism.

Find a quiet and comfortable place to sit, close your eyes and take a slow deep inhale and exhale, & count to five. Say to yourself

I am enough.

I make mistakes & that’s ok.

I accept myself.

My imperfections do not define me.

I will continue to grow.

I am lovable.

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