Toxic People VS. Healthy People

I’ve had my share of toxic individuals in my life, to the point that I didn’t even know that these people were toxic. I was so used to being around toxic people, that when I finally surrounded myself with healthy people I didn’t know how to respond. But I’m here to share the difference between toxic & healthy individuals. So you can see the difference & separate yourself from toxic individuals.

Toxic people can be anyone in your life. It doesn’t matter if they are your best friend or family member. Toxic people do not want what’s best for you. They will try to bring you down to their level by any means necessary. Toxic people are always so negative. They’re always in a bad mood, have nasty attitudes & like to talk highly of themselves, but bad about others.

They hate seeing you better yourself. They will try to sabotage anything good you got going for yourself. Just pay attention to how they respond to you when you share good news with them. If you get a new car, a new job, and a new house, & their not happy for you, then they are toxic & are not for you. If you learn a new skill or join a new hobby & they are not supporting you. They are toxic. If they seem to always be in competition with you, they are toxic.

Toxic people also will use you & use manipulation to get what they want out of you. If you are bending over backwards for a certain individual in their time of need to help them, But they can’t help you in your time of need. Then they are toxic. Do not make excuses for peoples toxic behavior, & break away from those who are breaking you.

Healthy individuals are the type of people you want to surround yourself with. These are the people that support you 100%. These are people that see the potential in you and stand by your side. Healthy people are always happy for you. & If you are doing something they don’t see fit. Instead of judging you.. or, putting you down they are truthful towards you. Healthy people are happy to see you become successful in life. Health individuals also because inspired by others success. Not envious. Healthy individuals will always give you compliments & make you feel better about yourself. Healthy individuals are the ones that come to you when your upset, & help you feel better. If you have healthy people in your life keep them around. They are good for you & your soul.

Love yourself enough to let toxic people go. Surround yourself with loving & Healthy individuals. Great things will start to happen!

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