How Balancing Your Chakras Can Help You Heal

Knowledge about the 7 Chakras have been passed down since ancient times. According to Indian texts dating back as far as 500BC, chakras are wheels of energy that flow through your body. In fact, the word “chakra” literally translates to wheel in Sanskrit.Our bodies are divided into 7 major chakras that start at the base of our spine and go up from there. When these energy flows become blocked, they can lead to illness. By learning how to balance your chakras, you can reverse this trend and heal instead.

What The Chakras Do For You

The chakras are the key to your emotional balance, and also your physical health as well. Each chakra is based in a different location and performs a different function.

  • Root
    Located at the base of the spine, this chakra grounds you. When this chakra is balanced, you will feel secure, safe, and centered. Imbalances in the root chakra can cause anxiety disorders, and also problems with the colon or bladder.
  • Sacral
    The second chakra is located slightly higher, between the pelvis and the navel. This chakra unlocks your creative side. If this chakra is balanced you will feel healthy, happy, and inspired. If it is imbalanced, you may suffer from depression, sexual dysfunction, or struggle with addiction.
  • Solar Plexus
    As the name implies, this chakra is level with your solar plexus. This chakra is sometimes called the power chakra and controls your self-esteem. A balanced third chakra will leave you feeling confident, and self-motivated. If it is imbalanced, you may struggle with decisions or anger management.
  • Heart
    The fourth chakra is located at the heart, and as one might guess controls our emotions. This is also an important chakra because it is where the three chakras below and the three chakras above meet—your center.

    The heart is responsible for your love and compassion for others. When it is closed, you can become overwhelmed by grief and hatred of yourself or others.
  • Throat
    The fifth chakra is located at your throat and is the first of the three spiritual chakras. While the other chakras dealt with more physical problems, the throat is our voice, and allows us to express our feelings to ourselves and to others. A balanced fifth chakra will help you see the truth, while a blocked chakra may cause doubt and negative thinking.
  • Third Eye
    When someone is saying you have an open mind; they might well be saying you have a balanced third eye. This chakra is connected to our brain and is linked to our ability to think critically. When the third eye is blocked, we are often more closed minded than we should be and may fear the unknown.
  • Crown
    The highest chakra is the crown. This chakra is responsible for our spiritual awareness. If this chakra is closed, you may not feel any kind of spiritual connection at all. 

    The crown chakra is linked to depression, headaches, and neurological disorders when it is closed.

How to balance your chakras

Our chakras are a large part of who we are. Balancing our chakras can help us become healthier physically, mentally, and spiritually. If you suspect one of them is closed, you can open them through meditation.

As you are sitting in meditation, visualize your chakras. The root is the lowest point in your body, all the way to the crown which is the top of your head. Some people like to visualize them as distinct colors to help in the process.

Think about each one as a turning wheel of energy and release them one by one. Let them flow. As you think of each chakra and what they do, picture negative energy bleeding away. If you find it difficult to focus, mantras can be helpful, as well as guided meditation.

There are many other ways to balance chakras as well, including the use of crystals to help drain unwanted energy, and yoga. Also the Practice of aromatherapy using Essential oils help balance blocked chakras. Self-Love Body care provides greatchakra healing pure essential oils You may find using a mixture of these techniques to be useful in bringing balance to your life.

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